Posebne izvedbe

Would you like to try something new, unique and suited to your requirements!?  The Mramoterm slab is made from natural materials (stone, marble, granite) and bearing in mind its acclaimed aesthetic value, you can now order it with a special design.

You have the choice of sandblasting various motifs on the Mramoterm slab at your request as well as the possibility of other processing techniques.  Be original and enrich your working and living environment with special models of Mramoterm heating slabs.

Mramoterm heater in various forms

The Mramoterm heater pyramid illustration demonstrates that we are in a position to make a heater from marble in other forms to heat and aesthetically enhance your living and working environment.  The illustration shows a trilateral pyramid with a total heating energy of 1,200 W (3 x 400 W) with the choice of a remotely-controlled thermostat.avljanje.

Electric Grill

The Electric Grill provides rapid and simple preparation of food on a grill in a healthy manner.  The food is grilled in its own juices without absorbing any CO, which usually happens during cooking.

Foot Heater

If you suffer from bad circulation, have a desk job in an office and do not do much exercise, a foot heater will ensure that your feet stay warm while sitting.

It is made from granite and has a metal framework (made to measure).  It also has a thermostat for regulation of temperature.


Manufacture of hot counters for the catering industry.  Counters are manufactured from various types of marble or granite, made-to-measure.  They contain a thermostat for regulating the temperature of the counter and are used to maintain the heat of oven-baked pizzas, fornettas (baked pastries), brioches etc.

Opcija daljinskog uključivanja i upravljanja grijanjem

Nudimo opciju daljinskog uključivanja i upravljanja grijanjem i ostalim potrošačima, klasičnim telefonom ili mobitelom. Opširnije: www.microel.hr


Nosač ručnika

Ovaj praktičan nosač ručnika prilagođen za Mramoterm ploču, tijekom njenog grijanja omogućiti će grijanje i sušenje ručnika.

Nosač je dostupan u dvije varijante, metalnoj i inox izvedbi.