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17.12.'08 - Antun Ercegovac

Dear Sirs,

I bought and mounted your slabs (5 pieces) almost 20 years ago. During the war I gave away three of them, I still have two. I combine their use with gas heating. I already know that next year I will use your slabs for heating of the entire house. We Croats are always too clever, we never listen, think, calculate, we just fall to old habits. Everybody knows everything and that is why we are where we are, we are the cleverest! Really! The slabs were recommended to me by late Mr. Filak from company “Solić” from Valpovo. I live in Belišće and if I ever made a good decision in the past 20 years, it was MRAMOTERM. I am happy with your new range and I will definitely use it next year. I will forward your web address to my friends.

Best regards with best wishes for Christmas and New Year. 


Tel./fax: +385 51 257 414


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