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18.02.'08 - Nela Soldatov-Jones

Dear Sirs,

I would like to praise the marble slabs which we have used in our house for four years. The grade is 10 of 10! The slabs are the only heating we use. The saving is amazing; using wood would be much more expensive. Let alone the clean air, without any smoke, need of chimney, storing and chopping wood. The greatest advantage is we can close the house and leave for a couple of days and when we return the house is warm! Marble slabs may seem expensive as an initial investment but after a long experience I claim they are really worthwhile. Way to go, MRAMOTERM! If anybody is interested, we are in Dubranec, near Zagreb (Vukomeričke Gorice), if you wish to contact us and see the slabs in full splendour. Write me at: jones@net.hr. All the best,

Nela Soldatov- Jones



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