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A Complete solution

completeBy using the local centennial experience in building stone fireplaces, as well as innovative thinking and technology, we have created a healthy and simple, economical, environment conscious and aesthetically completely elaborated way of heating. Mramoterm heating slab is our genuine product and we can proudly say that thousands of satisfied buyers since 1986 have confirmed the quality of our products.

The Mramoterm slab saves 25-50% of electrical energy by turning more electric power into heat radiation rather than into hot air circulation. This results in smaller consumption of only 400-500 Wh per square meter in 24 hours.

Buying a heating device is an act of responsibility - for us and for those around us. Mramoterm heating slabs satisfy even the most stringent standards of environmental protection - along with very reasonable prices. Therefore, Mramoterm is the final solution for your heating needs, enabling you to live a healthier and more comfortable life.

Mramoterm heating is healthy and comfortable. Compared with the traditional way of heating, air drying is minimal, as well as the temperature difference between ceiling and floor. We have completely eliminated all harmful radiation, noise and vibrations, along with the possibility of burns and electrical shocks. The Mramoterm slabs fully comply with all regulations on safety and body protection.


Tel./fax: +385 51 257 414


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