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Environmentally conscious

Buying a heating device is an act of responsibility - for us and for those around us. Mramoterm heating slabs satisfy even the most stringent standards of environmental protection - along with very reasonable prices. Therefore, Mramoterm is the final solution for your heating needs, enabling you to live a healthier and more comfortable life.


In developed countries, new environmental standards are being introduced with the aim of reducing  CO, SO2 and other harmful gasses. Up to 2015, a 20-30% reduction of harmful gasses has been planned  and 50% until the year 2050. Limited oil and gas resources, permanent increase of their prices along with their harmful influence on the environment require new kinds of energy. It has been estimated that about 50% of all pollution comes from the heating of homes and working premises.


Electrical energy is in the first place as a quality substitution, e.g. an average family house will use about 3 tons of coke yearly, which will leave 0,7 ton of harmful residuals (carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon hydrogen, nitrogen etc.). If electrically heated, the same house would use 7200 kWh of electricity, and would leave only 7 kg of residual, i.e. 100 times less.

Compared with other developed countries, Croatia uses very little electrical energy for heating, while in England it is 18%, France 33%, Finland 32%, Sweden 36%,  Norway 60% etc. This trend is steadily increasing, which promises an excellent future for the Mramoterm heating slabs.


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