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Healthy and pleasant

Mramoterm heating is healthy and comfortable. Compared with the traditional way of heating, air drying is minimal, as well as the temperature difference between ceiling and floor. We have completely eliminated all harmful radiation, noise and vibrations, along with the possibility of burns and electrical shocks. The Mramoterm slabs fully comply with all regulations on safety and body protection.



The marble heating slab is connected to a power source 230 V AC via a thermostat through which we regulate the desired room temperature in each room separately.  MRAMOTERM heating achieves the best results with its own thermostat regulation. If it is turned on 24 hours a day, it will give an optimal ratio between energy consumption and a pleasant room temperature.


After being turned on, the Mramoterm heating slab will warm up in about 30 or 40 minutes to its working temperature of about 80 degrees centigrade. The temperature on the surface of the slab does not depend on the temperature in the room. The transfer of heat is achieved in two ways: 1. through infrared radiation - about 65% of the heater's power; 2. through vertical circulation of hot air - about 35% of the heater's power. These two components trigger rapid heating of the polished marble surface. Like sunshine, the Mramoterm slab heats every hard object in the room such as floors, ceilings, end walls, which thus become heat storages. They provide a heat curtain, which means that people feel better in such a room. The circulation and drying of hot air is minimal thus protecting  your health (especially with people suffering from asthma, those with respiratory problems and persons prone to allergy). When sunshine or warm weather heats your room, the thermostat regulation turns off automatically and the temperature is stabilized through secondary heat storages (floor, ceiling, walls). That means that the whole heating system is amplitude sensitive and saves electric energy.

The classical heating systems:

Heat the rooms unevenly and spend the energy irrelevantly to the temperature of the environment.     

The Mramoterm heating:

Eliminates the unwanted temperature differences.



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