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Marble slabs - the heating of the future!

Thanks to new methods of imbedding the heater, the marble slabs do not crack any more and their duration is now lifelong.

RIJEKA - Members of the family enterprise MRAMOTERM - Ivica Vukas, Marijan Vukas and Elviro Poljicanin - won a Silver Plaque at the Innovation Fair INOVA 2000 for their invention of a marble heating slab. As they pointed out in our interview, the marble slab itself is not an innovation because it has been present on the market for years. Thanks to the Mramoterm Company, whose owner is Ivica Vukas, it has been sold on the Rijeka market for thirteen years already. The solution that won them the Silver Plaque at this year's INOVA is an entirely new way of imbedding the heater, ensuring that the marble slab does not crack any more and the heater and  slab have practically lifelong duration..

The Mramoterm slab is a simple example of the heating of the Future,  excelling with low energy consumption and environmental compatibility. Now, as we are planning to step into the European market, especially into the USA, some additional investments and new solutions will be needed because of their different net voltages and other standards. Therefore, there will be some more improvement of the slabs. Because of the American inclination to natural products and healthy heating, I am sure that our product will be very successful - Mr. Poljicanin points out. Our firs step in that direction will be their participation at the World's biggest innovation exposition INPEX 2000 in Pittsburgh, where Mr. Ivica Vukas, together with three other inventors will represent our Primorsko-goranska County. Although Mramoterm already has many new ideas and innovations for their future inventions, e.g. hot bars for restaurants, marble barbecues or marble fireplaces, our innovators point out that Mramoterm has never before participated at innovation expositions; their prime goal has been customer satisfaction and they have always been amply rewarded.


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