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Planning a heating system

In order to calculate optimal thermal need of your space, we must get a detailed description of the building or a blueprint - from you or your architect. This might sound as an additional expense, but it is not. All we need you had already done before in order to get your building permit, and that is:

1. type and thickness of outside walls
2. floors and the attic
3. number and type of windows
4. shape and roof insulation
5. number of storeys and position of the house.

You can find this information in your blueprints, so it is not complicated. You only have to collect the blueprints of your house or flat and to come in touch with our MRAMOTERM adviser - in writing or by phone. When you visit us, bring the plan of your house or flat, and other relevant data will be defined in our office, e.g. how much space you are going to heat, the arrangement of your furniture etc. After the calculation our adviser will give you the List of electric power expenditures.


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