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Useful facts

In order to calculate optimal thermal need of your space, we must get a detailed description of the building or a blueprint - from you or your architect. This might sound as an additional expense, but it is not. All we need you had already done before in order to get your building permit, and that is:

In cooperation with the ELTEH company from Rijeka we have additionally reduced the electrical power consumption. We have elaborated a new system of rationalized consumption of electrical power, as well as peak power control - bringing the electricity bills to a possible minimum.

In cooperation with the Technical Faculty in Rijeka we have started a project of testing our products.
Because we are pioneers in this technology, we could not learn anything from the actual literature, but we had to learn only through research and practice. At the moment the Technical Faculty is writing a computer program which will help us project our new models of heating slabs. We are firmly decisive to continue our research as far as possible, in order to offer only exquisite products to our customers, and to achieve excellent business results in the near future.

The MRAMOTERM heating slab does not require any special care; it is enough to wipe the external surface with a soft wet cloth which has previously been dipped in water and then squeezed for any excess water. Do never use detergent or any chemical substance.  The surface can be damaged or lose its shine if any such chemical substance has been used on it.


Tel./fax: +385 51 257 414


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