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Dear Sirs,

I bought and mounted your slabs (5 pieces) almost 20 years ago. During the war I gave away three of them, I still have two. I combine their use with gas heating. I already know that next year I will use your slabs for heating of the entire house. We Croats are always too clever, we never listen, think, calculate, we just fall to old habits. Everybody knows everything and that is why we are where we are, we are the cleverest! Really! The slabs were recommended to me by late Mr. Filak from company “Solić” from Valpovo. I live in Belišće and if I ever made a good decision in the past 20 years, it was MRAMOTERM. I am happy with your new range and I will definitely use it next year. I will forward your web address to my friends.

Best regards with best wishes for Christmas and New Year. 

Dear Sirs,

I would like to praise the marble slabs which we have used in our house for four years. The grade is 10 of 10! The slabs are the only heating we use. The saving is amazing; using wood would be much more expensive. Let alone the clean air, without any smoke, need of chimney, storing and chopping wood. The greatest advantage is we can close the house and leave for a couple of days and when we return the house is warm! Marble slabs may seem expensive as an initial investment but after a long experience I claim they are really worthwhile. Way to go, MRAMOTERM! If anybody is interested, we are in Dubranec, near Zagreb (Vukomeričke Gorice), if you wish to contact us and see the slabs in full splendour. Write me at: jones@net.hr. All the best,

Nela Soldatov- Jones


Dear Sirs,

Mr. Gugić came to install your MRAMOTERM slab as early as Monday afternoon. This is the first time we have used this type of heating.

After three days I can say we are delighted-comfortable, clean, no buzzing sound- excellent. Thank you for quick and efficient
installation, too. Best regards to the company and Petra.

I will definitely advertise you in my neighbourhood.

Dear Elviro,

Let me share my positive experience with your heating slabs.

Mr. Dominikovic installed MRAMOTERM slabs in my mother’s flat in Dubrovnik. The heating of her flat in a stone house in the old city of Dubrovnik was excellent during the entire winter. Due to the favourable experience we decided to install the slabs in another flat in the same house and we also have plans for the attic flat, once the renovation is over.

The consumption of electricity with quality heating of the flat is acceptable.

I would also like to add that Mr. Dominikovic professionally and kindly performed the work. The only thing left to do are some supports (e.g. on plaster walls), already agreed with Mr. Dominikovic.

Let me wish you all the professional success with your high quality product.

Yours sincerely,

Miralem Pasic

I am very happy with marble slabs heating so that my two air- conditioning units are only used for dehumidifying, without heating. My apartment is on the northern side facing the Dinara mountain so the wind gushes are really strong. The air- conditioning dries the air too much so I decided to buy the 2 marble slabs. In combination with new aluminium windows I previously installed, MRAMOTERM heating represents the best solution for heating of apartments. I will add two more slabs this autumn and complete the central heating system in my apartment (60 m2). 

Dear Sirs,

Enjoying the pleasant atmosphere in which I live during the winter months, thanks to your heating slabs, I think it is only fair to commend and recommend you to all the interested parties.

Before I made the decision to use the slabs for heating in my apartment, I had spent a lot of time inquiring, consulting and seeking advice. I must admit the aesthetic aspect was important, too. Another important thing was the price which entirely matched your calculation.

Thank you very much, I really praise you!

Višnja Lasić

Dear Sirs,

Last year you installed MRAMOTERM heating slabs which made me really happy. Initial doubts and suspicion disappeared a couple of days after I first turned them on. In the previous years we used a stove on solid fuel and consumed between 5 and 6 m3 of wood. It is interesting that the cost of heating (even after the increase of electricity price on 1 September 2002) is almost identical. However, the comfort, pleasure, hardly any maintenance and even distribution of heat in the rooms provided by your slabs are impossible to compare with that period (before the use of slabs)!

Hereby I thank you very much for good wishes in light of coming holidays and New Year. I would also like to wish you the same. Let me thank you one more time for quick installation of heating slabs in my parents’ home. They say (and I can confirm it) that they have never been so warm and comfortable as this winter. Let me wish you all the luck (I think it covers everything).

Mladenko Kuljanić with family

Nikola Kuljanić


Dear Iva,
I would like to thank you and the people who came to fit the heaters. They arrived on time, were very helpful with suggestions where to locate the heaters, and carried out their job very professionally. I was very impressed!
It is good to see real service these days, and people who take a pride in their work.
Thanks once again, and I will certainly recommend your product further.
I know that the other people in my house are interested in buying heaters in the future, and I am sure that they will buy them from you once they see how well the heaters work, and they way they were installed by your representatives.
Best regards,
Michael Buzzing       

I am simply thrilled with your slabs. I installed them 5 years ago and have absolutely no problems with them.


Keep up the good work!


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